ARTbreak: Out of the Shadows: Light in Contemporary Art with Fiona Ragheb

Dates: Tue Feb 28, 17

Time: 12:00pm

KIA Auditorium

WMAS juror Fiona Raghev

Out of the Shadows: Light in Contemporary Art
with West Michigan Area Show juror Fiona Ragheb
Light is a precondition for vision, and thus fundamental to the experience of art. Moreover, the use of light and shadow has given three dimensional form to illusionistic art for hundreds of years. But in the hands of contemporary artists, light has become the very medium of artistic expression.

A curator with more than 20 years experience, Ms. Ragheb holds advanced degrees in art History and architecture. Her career includes work at the Walker Art Center, the Guggenheim Museum and Broad Art Foundation.

Ms. Ragheb's talk is sponsored by Stryker as part of the KIA's 2016-17 women artist series.

ARTbreak is a weekly program about art, artists and exhibitions. Donations welcome. Bring your brown bag lunch, coffee provided. Sponsored by

The Fountains at Bronson Place

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