Amelia Falk-Apollo's Muse Bracelet

Amelia Falk-Apollo's Muse Bracelet
Apollo's Muse Bracelet is a two inch wide cuff style bracelet in nickel silver and lined with light tan suede, roller printed with limited edition plate.

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Artist's Statement:
I have been working with jewelry for over twenty years, however, recently I made the decision to change it from a hobby to a career. My work is whimsical in nature, using natural materials to imprint, inspire and cast into metal. The work is accented with stones that remind me of the natural materials I used and often have been picked up on my travels around the globe. There is a story for every piece, whether it was inspired by a certain tree, recycled from historical flatware patterns and discarded pipe, or cast from a twig I have collected over the years. Currently, they are also inspired by the materials my young son picks up along our nature walks, which I encourage, and he loves helping mommy with her jewelry.

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