Susan Fleming-The One Button Wrap

Susan Fleming-The One Button Wrap
The One Button Wrap
The one button wrap can be worn with the button in the front, back, or on either shoulder. Or, unbutton and wear as a shawl or neck scarf.

One-of-a-kind piece and varies slightly in dimensions: 18 deep and 62 in length.
100% refashioned cashmere and Pearl Cotton embroidered/embellished seams.

Price includes USPS Priority Mail shipping.

ZCashmere was started in 2012 when designer, creator, and maker Sue Fleming began refashioning previously owned cashmere sweaters. The locally sourced, 100% cashmere sweaters are washed, dried, brushed (to remove any pills), steam pressed, folded, sorted into color categories, and separated by weight. Next, the pattern is selected and a primary color is chosen.
Then, the dance with creativity begins.

Instagram: Sue_Fleming

Price: $192.50