Janet Alford-Chickens

Janet Alford-Chickens
Chickens is an unframed watercolor.

Size: 21 x 15

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From an early age Janet knew art was always going to be a part of her life. She can not see a landscape without seeing all the colors, lights, and textures presented by nature. Janet's art continues to take her on a journey of artistic expressions that are ever changing.

Janet's main concentration is water colors. She loves the purity she can achieve through the layering of colors. What has surprised her is how different paper textures have caught her interest. Water color paper remains the standby, but she thoroughly enjoys painting on Yupo and Mulberry paper.

Yupo is a synthetic paper which creates colors that are fresh, strong and pure. It also creates a challenge with how to keep a look without losing the detail of her painting.

Mulberry paper comes with or without fiber and creates interest and beauty through its unique texture. The challenge has been how to control the paint on the paper because it has a tendency to run and spread. In addition, it requires many layers of paint to achieve satisfactory results.

Regardless of what type of paper Janet works on, she wants her art to tell a story a viewer can retell as their own story through the various textures, colors, and mood of her work.


Price: $350.00