Etching by Ladislav Hanka

Lad Hanka Bird Etching
As an artist I think and work graphically - in line and predominantly in black and white. Drawing is to all other art as nudes are to clothed figures and as skeletal structure is to muscle and fur. By observing well enough to draw something, one learns to identify weight-bearing structures, begins to understand the lines of force, and discern the relationships among objects. For me, it begins with field studies; going out into the cold and heat, dealing with biting insects - sketchbook in hand, learning to draw the twists and turns characteristic of a cedar or the unique ways in which only a bur oak branches. Catfish tails fork in ways which those of carp do not and the operculum of a trout functions very differently in pumping water through its gills than do the spiracles of a lamprey. As these structures and their visual clues become second nature, I take this growing work into the studio and begin to invent plausible creatures who fit into compositions with symbolic content. I honor the creature with whom I share the earth.

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