Vessel by Maria Scott

Maria vessel top
Maria was born in Chicago, IL. She attended Siena Heights University in Adrian, MI, and graduated with a BA in Fine Art.
Her work is intuitive. All of her pieces are hand-built using slabs or coils, and most often pit fired. Pit firing is the process of burying the piece in a container filled with wood, planar shavings, sawdust and/or other combustible materials. The materials are then set on fire and allowed to smolder until completely burned away. The result is an earthy, smoky finish that she feels suit the forms she creates.
Maria has had her work in several shows including the Where We Stand: Black Artists in Southwest Michigan. She won the Eleanor Smith Award for Ceramics from the West Michigan Potters Guild in the 2015 West Michigan Area Show. The KIA is fortunate to have a piece of her work in our collection.

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Price: $450.00