Art Kit - Blueprints

DIY / Cyanotypes / Blueprints

We have assembled a kit so that you can make cyanotypes at home!

Whatever your creative taste is, you can make a blueprint of it: use photos, objects or drawings.
You don't need any experience, technical devices or even a camera. The kit contains everything you need and can be fun for the whole family!

Cyanotype chemistry will turn watercolor paper into photographic paper, sensitive to UV-light (sunlight). A reaction will take place between the treated paper and the sun: where the sun hits the treated paper it turns blue, unreached areas will remain white.
We've made an instructional video;

*KITS are PICK UP ONLY! Pick up on Friday & Saturday 11-5pm
KIA Gallery Shop, SOUTH STREET entrance.

For special arrangements email

Price: $30.00