KIA Scholarships

About KIA Art School Scholarships

  • More than 200 tuition awards for 12 and 8-week classes and Art Camps are granted annually.
  • We have application forms for Children, Young Artists (grades 6-11), and Adults may apply for need-based scholarships or one of three annual merit scholarships.
  • Scholarships awards range from 50% to 100% of tuition.
  • Students must pay a materials fee and buy any additional supplies necessary for the class.
  • Scholarship forms are available in the Art School Office or in PDF form here: Children's Scholarship Form (pre K-grade 5), Young Artists Scholarship Form (grade 6-12), Adult Scholarship Form
  • Scholarship application, Children and Young Adult only, deadline for Spring 2017: Tuesday, March 21, 2017
  • Scholarship application deadline for Summer 2017: Tuesday, May 9, 2017
  • Scholarship application deadline for Fall 2017: Tuesday, August 22,2017

    Scholarship Guidelines

    Please read carefully before completing application. Contact the school director with questions or for assistance in completing scholarship applications.

    • Evaluation criteria for financial need scholarships:
      • Financial need and motivation. (75% children; 50% Young Artists grades 6-11, and adults)
      • Motivation and recommendation. (25% children; Young Artists grades 6-11, and adults)
      • Artistic merit based on creativity, technique, and presentation. (25% Young Artists grades 6-11 and adults)
    • Funds are limited. Partial scholarships (50% of tuition) may be awarded.
    • The decision of the scholarship jury is final.
    • Scholarships must be used in the designated semester and year.
    • Separate applications are required for each semester.
    • Scholarships may be applied to one course selection only.
    • Students must pay a materials fee and provide their own materials when needed. Contact the school director if additional financial help is required.
    • A letter of recommendation from teacher, counselor, religious organization, or community member addressing the applicant's financial need, motivation, and ability should be attached.
    • Work samples (art work or high quality photographs of art work) clearly labeled with artist name are required.
      • Original art work only; art work copied from another's art or published photos is not accepted
      • Young Artists grades 6-11 and adults may submit up to 4 examples of recent art work.
      • Children preschool to 6th grade should submit 1 work example (such as self portrait or fanciful design).

    Give the Gift of Art

    Please consider a donation to the KIA Art School Scholarship Fund.

    Each year we receive more requests from financially struggling children and adults for scholarship assistance. Any amount is appreciated.

    To donate, please click here. Or call (269) 349-7775 ext. 3101 for more information.